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16321 Bernau, 9. April 2023

 Each dog participating must be effectively vaccinated against rabies (Please bring the vaccination certificate!). 
 Dog show ban for dogs cropped or docked contrary to animal protection law 
 In accordance with the VDH show regulations the following dogs are banned from participating at dog shows both at home and abroad:
  1. Ears cropped.
  2. Tail docked.
    (Exception: for FCI recognized hunting dogs used for hunting in accordance with German law for the protection of animals).
 Attention: A copy of the recognised Champion Title and Working Certificate for the Champion/Working Class has to be forwarded. Otherwise the dog will be categorized as "Open Class"! 
 The submission of the Entry-Form shall be regarded as exhibitor’s declaration stating that he/she knows the show regulations (see Programme) and will observe them. 
 The submission of the Entry-Form shall be regarded as exhibitor’s declaration stating that he/she knows the breed-specific legislation of those countries where the specific exhibition is taking place and will observe them. 
  Declaration of Consent
I herewith acknowledge the above mentioned show regulations and register accordingly.
I herewith permit the publishing of my entered data in the exhibition's catalogue and the use of my data for internal purposes during processing of the exhibition.
The registration becomes binding with the sending of the acknowledgement of receipt by the organizer.
 Dear Exhibitors, 
 please take into account the following "rules" when proceeding your online registration - it will make your as well as our life easier: 
  • Please do NEVER EVER push the "Back"-button of your browser! The data you entered so far would get lost and you would have to start from scratch! Do only use the buttons within the pages to edit or change the entered data!
  • Please do not forget to click on the "Finish"-button in the overview ("Your registered dogs") - otherwise your dogs are not registered!
  • Please do use upper and lower case when writing, do not capitalize all letters.
  • Please do not precede the name of the dog with champion titles! Otherwise your dog will be hard to find and therefore we will not be able to answer requests concerning your dog.
  • If you are going to register your dog for the Champion or Working Class do send in the appropriate certificates as soon as possible by mail or fax! As long as we do not get hold of a copy of the certificates the dog will be transferred to the Open Class.
  • When registering for the Brace/Couple Class, the Progeny Group or the Breeder's Group (team) please do so only for one of the dogs! Otherwise the fee will be charged several times.
  • It is sufficient to register a dog just once! There is no need to register the dog again online the next day and you do not need to send in the registration by mail or Fax either!
  • There is no need to call us for asking whether we received your online registration! A receipt will be send to you within a few days after registering. If you do not hear anything from us 14 days after registering please do get back to us!
 Are you content with our service? Do you have suggestions, improvements or a fair comment? Do not hesitate to let us know! 

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